What is Trauma? (It Might Not Be What You Think)

The word "trauma" brings to mind life-threatening experiences such as surviving a war. But, the term "trauma" can also be used to describe what happens each time a child or adult is manipulated, betrayed, or humiliated. In fact, trauma can happen whenever you face a life situation that feels unbearable and lack the support to fully recover. Our lives are often limited by unrecognized symptoms of post-traumatic stress.


Trauma can seep into your body and turn into headaches, pain, fatigue, or other symptoms. Brain fog, lack of concentration, or self-sabotage rooted in trauma can prevent you from showing up in the world. Trauma can also flood you with excruciating emotions that disconnect you from heart in an effort to numb your pain.

You may temporarily escape the full experience of trauma through anxiety, obsessive thinking, or addiction, but none of these will heal your suffering. Fortunately, the trauma we’ve experienced can be healed.



PTSD symptoms can include:

  • Re-experiencing the original trauma in the form of flashbacks.
  • Avoiding anything that reminds you of the original trauma.
  • Having "out of body" experiences (dissociation).
  • Always being on alert to protect yourself from future trauma, and perhaps causing exhaustion or anxiety in the process (hypervigilance).

If you experienced intense traumas over a long period of time, you may have developed complex PTSD.


In my practice, I see women who are working towards healing from different starting points on the trauma spectrum.

Together, our work is to heal trauma and reclaim your sense of self, life possibilities, and inner contentment. I use an approach called Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) that helps you undo the full aftermath of trauma – to find hope, healing, and safety, so that you can rejoin the world as your authentic self.


AIT offers a way to heal from even the most devastating traumatic experiences. Specialized AIT protocols resolve chronic traumatic symptoms that affect your neurobiology, create inner darkness, and resistance to change.

AIT’s methods help you get deep, lasting relief by healing the trauma at the root cause of your symptoms. You’ll discover how to reprogram your neural pathways to release trauma and its harmful after-effects. As you let go of ineffective survival strategies and constriction, you’ll be better able to relax your body and live in the present moment.

I would love to help you find relief

If this approach speaks to your heart, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consult with me and see if working together feels like your next step.


Claire grew up with unpredictable and emotionally distant parents. She buried her feelings along with her true self, and learned to survive in the world by putting other’s needs first and disconnecting from her own. She completely shut down after being sexually abused as a child and often felt unsafe.

Claire entered therapy with me in pure desperation: She spent much of her days feeling paralyzed or numb. Despite being a talented designer, she had resigned herself to a job that felt lifeless, but safe. Her fear of taking risk was also hampering her intimacy. She felt ashamed of being indecisive, “too sensitive”, and that her life seemed like it was passing her by.

In therapy, Claire discovered that her body was holding her terror and tremendous sorrow about the life she never got to live.


Claire began to resolve early trauma with AIT. She noticed that the more traumas she released, the lighter and more awake she felt.  After a while, she grew more confident in responding to daily triggers without the need for rigid hypervigilance.

As Claire thought about dating, she realized that deep down she didn’t trust anyone. The darkness of her childhood left her feeling empty. Claire began using AIT Center practices to reconnect to the goodness in the universe. She started socializing in new ways that felt life giving.

As time passed, Claire was able to discern her true needs and finally embrace her sensitivity, not as a burden, but as a gift.


Healing can open up your world

If this approach speaks to your heart, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consult with me and see if working together feels like your next step.