My Path to An Open Hearted Life


Connecting with your inner truth sets you free

I believe that everyone is born with an inner compass - a guiding force that both nourishes and challenges us to evolve.  Often our life experiences disconnect us from our natural wisdom.

As women, we’re constantly bombarded with expectations about how we should look, act, and feel. Following our inner guidance can often feel too risky.  When this happens we may put aside our lifelong dreams because our fears are too loud.

My healing journey has shown me that living my truth creates real freedom.


Synchronicities arise when you align with your heart

As a sensitive intuitive, I felt at home in my emotions. Over time I learned to value my mind over my heart.  I drifted away from my truth. In college, I chose to study art history instead of pursuing my intuitive inclination towards psychology.

Although I loved working in the art world, I knew my inner spark had gone out. Finally a health crisis made me pause. Searching for a way forward I found the new mind-body healing paradigm of Energy Psychology (EP). 

This discovery started my healing process and opened the door to a new career. I trained in several EP methods and began a mind-body practice. Helping people create real change felt meaningfully aligned with my heart.           


Beauty arises when you breathe life into darkness

After a few years I noticed that despite a tremendous amount of effort, some clients continued to struggle.  I wondered how to heal these elusive issues that surfaced for clients around identity, vitality, and creating intimacy.

In 2005 I took my first Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) seminar. With AIT, I discovered firsthand the incredible value of integrating trauma treatment with an inner awakening process.

AIT allowed me to help clients heal and become present at all levels – body, mind, heart, and spirit. This experience sparked my decision to return to graduate school for my Masters in social work and to deepen my spiritual journey.

Today I use AIT to help women shine light into the darkest places of their past and to uncover their beauty within.


An extraordinary life begins with an open heart

There’s a difference between finding relief and being whole-heartedly alive. When we befriend our fears we bring the light we carry within to life.

For me, being joyfully alive means helping other women heal, and a leading a life filled with an abundance of laughter, creativity, dance, and nourishing connections.

Are you ready for a fresh start?

I hope my story rekindled your courage to find your answers within. I’d love to support you in creating a life that reflects your heart’s desires. Schedule a time for us to introduce ourselves below.