You know something needs to shift.

You feel the pressure of too much overwhelm, worry, or disconnection. You imagine a life free from endless anxiety and the constraints of your past trauma. An inner voice is urging you to believe in yourself, to bring your heartfelt desires to life.

You may be seeking an openhearted life.

If so, I’d love to show you a profound mind-body therapy, Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), that can help you dig deep, unravel your stuck patterns, and transform you from the inside out.


I'm Lisa Bowker, and I'm here to help.

As a psychotherapist in Providence, RI I’m passionate about helping women release their fears, so that they can be joyfully alive and deeply connected with themselves, their purposes, and their loved ones.

If you’re inspired to awaken your heart, I invite you to explore that spark. Learn more about working together below.

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