Healing Relationships and Conscious Intimacy

Using an approach called Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), I support women in opening their hearts to love, freeing themselves from unhealthy relationships, and strengthening their cherished relationships by learning “Conscious Intimacy”.


Feeling deeply connected to those you love can brighten your life. At the same time, closeness can activate tender core wounds and ignite intense power struggles. You might instinctually feel that closing your heart will protect you from more hurt and pain. If authentic connection feels too difficult, you may even give up and withdraw.

The more that you work to establish contact with your heart, the more you can be empathically present to yourself or others. Wherever you are in this process, it is possible to deepen intimacy and reconnect to your heart.



Our early caregiver relationships shape our self-esteem, our expectations of others, and our emotional well being. These interactions determine our attachment style—the way in which we connect to others as adults. For instance, you may unconsciously expect another person to give you what you didn’t receive as a child. Or, you may notice that you attract partners who are emotionally absent, and who replicate the same distressing patterns that you experienced with a parent.

Using AIT, I will help you heal from all the experiences that negatively influenced your early attachments. Releasing relational trauma will allow you to bring your authentic self into your current relationships.

Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.
— Rumi


"Conscious Intimacy" means learning to see interpersonal challenges as a healthy and normal part of growth instead of something to be worried about. Relationships naturally evolve and change over time. Embracing this natural process creates a safe place for healing and vulnerability.

Your relationships with family, friends, or even your boss, often mirror what is working well or what needs transformation. Healthy relationships require willingness to take responsibility for the unhealed material you’ve left in the shadows.

Maybe you're wondering how to make a relationship better, or perhaps you’ve been alone for a while, and seek deeper connection. I can help you take the next step forward in building satisfying connections with others, and – most importantly – yourself.

Clear your blocks to intimacy

I'm so glad that you are considering creating more joy in your life and relationships. I invite you to set up an introductory consult with me today.


Gwen reached out for help after her relationship of three years fell apart. She had put her whole heart into the relationship and was devastated when her boyfriend left her. Gwen was falling to pieces and felt like something might be wrong with her. Her worst fear was ending up alone.

Gwen’s world crumbled at age 3 when her parents got divorced. She missed her Dad who remarried and moved away. Her mom was consumed by work and her own depression. Gwen felt needy, and from adolescence on she was never without a boyfriend. She felt nervous if her partner got upset with her and kept her true feelings private. This led to lots of misunderstandings and conflict.

With AIT, Gwen healed attachment traumas that kept her from deepening intimacy.

She realized that she'd absorbed her parent’s tension leading up to the divorce, even when she was in utero. Healing her birth trauma began the long unwinding of her toxic symbiotic relationship with her parents. To protect herself from all this pain, Gwen had abandoned her feelings and focused on finding comfort outside herself.

Gwen discovered her inner child archetype felt both angry and terrified. She learned to nurture this vulnerable part and felt a growing satiation at her core. When Gwen was ready to find love again, she kept a clear commitment to herself. Gwen learned to let her partner be his own person. She faced conflict more authentically and constructively.

For the first time, Gwen felt that as much as she wanted this relationship to work out, she would continue to love herself no matter what the outcome.


Deepen your self-love

I'm so glad that you are considering creating more joy in your life and relationships. I invite you to set up an introductory consult with me today.