Are Anxiety, Worry, or Unease Your Constant Companions?

Often people seek relief from anxiety with Zoloft and other anti-anxiety medications, or use coping techniques such as deep breathing and affirmations. Perhaps you’ve tried some of these, but notice your fear is still out of control. That’s because coping isn’t the same as healing.

I use an approach called Advance Integrative Therapy (AIT) to help my clients manage the anxiety that's taking over their lives.



Many times, chronic anxiety or panic is caused by unresolved trauma. Each time you heal a trauma, you naturally increase your capacity to be present in the moment, bear your emotions, and face uncertainty.

Using AIT, you'll learn how to quickly get rid of a panic attack by activating your relaxation response. You’ll discover Center practices that calm your mind and develop the stillness needed to hear your inner wisdom.

Sometimes anxiety may be the byproduct of a conflict between two parts of yourself:  your "inner critic" and "inner victim" archetypes. Your inner critic may blame, criticize, or push you. Then, when you can’t meet your critic’s impossible standards, you may collapse in shame or helplessness and embody your inner victim.

It's a vicious cycle of soul-crushing perfectionism (which often fuels anxiety, panic attacks, and stress), but breaking this cycle is possible.

I would love to help you find relief

If this approach speaks to your heart, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consult with me and see if working together is a good fit.


Leslie contacted me because both her self-esteem and confidence were at an all-time low. Panic attacks were holding back her career growth, straining her relationships, and making her feel close to a nervous breakdown. Leslie’s childhood was overshadowed by her parent’s constant fighting. Torn between her parents, Leslie pushed herself to be what each of them wanted from her.

Deep inside, she felt like she was never good enough. Underneath her panic, Leslie had tremendous rage toward her parents, as well as towards herself for not meeting her own high expectations.

Working with me, Leslie learned how to stop her panic attacks and find relief.

Resolving her panic allowed Leslie to heal her childhood traumas from having been criticized, controlled, and from living without unconditional love. Leslie discovered a harsh inner critic that berated her until she collapsed into shame. This activated Leslie’s inner victim and escalated her anxiety. Over time, Leslie healed this vicious inner cycle, which replicated her childhood pattern of being trapped between her parents.

Leslie began to slow down and listen more closely to her heart’s desires. As a result, Leslie learned to nourish her body, developed compassion towards herself, and made space for fun. She stepped away from friendships she had outgrown and handled conflict at work without shutting down. When an exciting job opportunity opened up across the country, Leslie finally had the courage to follow her heart and take the position.


Calm your anxiety with AIT

If this approach speaks to your heart, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consult with me and see if working together is a good fit for you.