Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT)

Authentic growth involves healing the choices and experiences that have limited you, and nourishing what never got a chance to grow. AIT was designed to help you do both.

It's a mind-body therapy that integrates energy healing and spiritual growth to bring to light “aha” moments and profound emotional shifts. For you this means a healing process that is gentler, deeper, and more life changing. Using AIT, you can feel better without painfully reliving the past.

In my experience, AIT often provides immediate relief, but it’s more than just a “quick fix”.  AIT can be a long-term solution for difficult to treat issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, OCD, attachment trauma, or anxiety.


How AIT Works



Freedom from trauma means releasing each of the ways a painful experience has affected your emotions, development, relationships, spirit, and health. Profound healing can happen when you partner with your energetic and spiritual wisdom.

In AIT we tap into your body’s wisdom and pinpoint the precise cause of your current issue or concern by using a technique called “neuromuscular biofeedback”. This simple technique helps us find underlying trauma that can exist at the subconscious level, outside the reach of traditional talk therapy.

After finding out where your blocks are, you will learn an energetic technique to release the negative emotions and sensations that are hindering your healing. Each of these emotions and sensations are connected to a specific traumatic memory. Using AIT you’ll notice that your triggers start to disappear and tending to your daily happiness becomes easier.


Tuning into your inner world reveals a powerful array of personal archetypes. You may be familiar with common archetypes such as Mother, Child, Warrior, Caregiver, or Heroine.

Each archetype has its own motives and desires, and each can become an unconscious source of internal chaos or pain, or a powerful ally. For instance, your inner saboteur may be the source of persistent patterns of self-harm or may wisely alert you to potential danger. 

AIT helps you build a conscious relationship with your personal archetypes and activate their positive qualities. By helping wounded archetypes heal, you can create wholeness and inner balance within. This sets the stage for sustainable change in your life.


Our lives are filled with a balance of dark and light experiences. If you’ve suffered greatly, you may benefit from connecting with the goodness of the universe. Being whole also means developing the skills needed for healing, feeling your emotions, and being present.

AIT Inner Practices can help you awaken your inner light and start anew: 


Presence practices activate your moment-to-moment awareness.


Grounding practices connect you to your life force, breath, and the earth’s energy.


Heart practices expand your compassion, forgiveness, and connection to unconditional love.


Center practices cultivate inner spaciousness, intuition, and connection with your wise self, your Center.


Dream practices help you receive guidance and decipher symbolic messages from your Center.


Could AIT be the next step in your healing journey?

If this approach resonates with your heart: trust your intuition and connect. I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation and see if working together feels right for you.